Why Life² Viveroo?

  • Life² Viveroo products are made in Germany to commercial grade standards
  • The design specifically addresses weaknesses shown by other iPad docking products.
  • Life² Viveroo products are made with glass, aluminium and steel – Superior design, strength and integrity that includes no plastic which has shown to increase faults.
  • For customers requiring locking / access control; Life² Viveroo offers locking with an innovative bluetooth iOS controlled lock – avoiding the need for motors which have shown to increase the chance of faults. Remote open close via third party control applications are also possible.
  • A hard wired data connection to the dock / iPad (via ethernet) is standard or available depending on the selected model
  • The Life² Viveroo design is “user” proof in its construction and materials. Special consideration has been given to ensure the design suits first time users avoiding the need for service callouts post installation.
  • Life² Viveroo products have been designed to last mechanically but also via the iPad “onion skin” arrangement which enables adaptation to future iPad generations.
  • Up to 10 years warranty on all products

Legacy Products:

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