Life² free

timeless, minimalistic design. Available for all iPad sizes including 12.9″Pro.


design finishes

choose your design finish, from aluminium to a dark stainless steel finish.

  • SuperSilver

    aluminum finished

  • DarkSteel

    dark stainless steel finish

free is cut from a single block of aluminium, followed by surface refining and polishing. Available in light aluminium or dark stainless steel finish. free appears to float on the wall. Solid aluminium and open asymmetric forms stand for elegance, minimalism and simplicity.


Vertical or horizontal, for mounting on walls or in furniture. For iPads of all sizes. Stability and mobility – the iPad is recharged while securely docked and can be removed at any time, even with one hand. For peace of mind, the iPad can be locked into free. A key locked security system makes removing the iPad from the free impossible.
The platform stays the same. The universal wall mounting system simplifies upgrading and converting to new iPad generations and sizes.
Free is the ideal solution for commercial and residential applications with its solid quality, sustainable materials and first class workmanship made in Germany.

Integrate with these and many more systems.


innovation means sustainable production

450 g Aluminum, 262 g Metal, 40 g Felt wool, 48 g Electronics

Weight all of 800 grams. Made from one block of aluminum..

We consciously set our sights on limiting the impacts of a throwaway society. We are proud that 95% of the materials used in the production process can recycled. We guarantee that our products are made to last for decades, just like the surroundings they are integrated into. In fact, we expect our durable mechanics to last 20 years or more.

hand-crafted products, made in Germany from the best materials available

A fast and stable network connection for your iPad.

LAN Ethernet Connection.

Each free model comes with two interfaces: Lightning for power and USB 3 for Ethernet..

Image shows 240VAC and ethernet connection utilising the optional in-wall box.

Image shows PoE source delivering both power and data.

For PoE only installations.

Use our PoE splitter to deliver both power and data.