Life² square

clear forms and harmonic lines. Horizontal or vertical installation, frameless mounted.


design covers

choose your design cover, from different glasses to aluminum.

  • DeepBlack

    high quality glass cover

  • ClearWhite

    high quality glass cover

  • SuperSilver

    aluminum finished cover

It’s impossible to overlook the design integrity of the square. Highest quality materials such as glass and aluminium, united in a pure and timeless design. Absolutely perfect for integrating iPad within its surroundings. Available in black, white glass and silver aluminium. Customised covers can be arranged, made of materials such as ceramic or gold, to suit individual requirements. Contact us for details.
Don’t worry if your tastes or the surroundings change. The design cover can be replaced in just a few quick steps.
Not only an eye-catcher on the outside. Clear, straightforward forms dominate the interior as well, optimising the use of space and function. Harmonious lines and flush-mounting ensure a beautiful finish in walls and furniture.


NEW! Need a stable network connection for your iPad? On request, Square is now available with ethernet capability

Horizontally or vertically, square can be flush-mounted in practically any surroundings. The iPad recharges while docked in square. Thanks to passive cooling and a special “speed charge“ system, square is built for continuous operation. Square is constructed with robust electronic parts, ensuring longevity.
The iPad can be removed at the push of a button, for maximum mobility. If genuine anti-theft locking is required, the square can be protected via our viveroo security app or via 12VDC locking when integrating with any third-party control systems including for example AMX, Crestron, CBUS, Push Controls, Savant and RTI. 100% pure materials, rugged mechanics and solid commercial grade construction. First class workmanship made in Germany.
viveroo products are built to last. square is constructed based on layer architecture, making updates as simple as a few quick steps, guaranteeing that future iPad generations in the 10-inch range can be integrated. Currently, square is designed for the following generations of iPad: Air, Air 2 and Pro 9.7

Integrate with these and many more systems.


innovation means sustainable production

2820 g Metal, 424 g Glass, 418 g Synthetic, 24 g Electronics

3686 grams of superior quality. First class workmanship.

We consciously set our sights on limiting the impacts of a throwaway society. We are proud that 91% of the materials used in the production process can recycled. We guarantee that our products are made to last for decades, just like the surroundings they are integrated into. In fact, we expect our durable mechanics to last 20 years or more.

hand-crafted products, made in Germany from the best materials available